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Long Time No Update!

I’ll state the obvious: a LOT has happened ever since my last blog post.

For one, I would have never thought back then that I’d become a journeyman Android developer, let alone get such jobs in two great companies in the Philippines, one a corporate veteran, another an out-of-the-box, innovative startup. You see, I didn’t care for Android development. I was more of a web design person. But I’m glad I’m doing Android now.

Second, my momma died. Stage Four Lung CA. Died around the same age as Steve Jobs. Personally, if it weren’t for my new boyfriend, I would gladly accept such a fate for myself too. Die at fifty-three. How could I not? I stay up late at night, I travel four hours to work and four hours back into my momma’s house. I eat too many chips, and despite being thin as fcuk, I drink soda almost everyday. In a health-nut sense that’s baaaaaad. My lifestyle isn’t exactly what you’d like to have.

And I’ve resumed my fan fiction work, this time on Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, though right now those are just Evernote scribblings. The chapters truly are such a stretch, especially when I decided I should write about the Dragonborn becoming Empress of Tamriel and all the shit she and her Shield-Siblings are having all the time. So I opted to write a shorter one, about her only blood son, who inherited all of her wealth, her Empire, and of course, all her enemies.

It’s still good to be back.

So, I wouldn’t be able to write here as often as I like, but I’ll try. Not that I write often in blogs haha. I really intend to take my developer career very seriously; get the grips of Android dev.

What is certain is that the topics would be would be totally random, from Android dev to personal relationships to this bloody styes on both my eyes! And yes, cuss words. While you’ll be assured that I’ll have as few cuss words as possible, there’ll still be.